About me

Hi, I’m David,  a Frenchman living in the United States.

I was Born and raised in Paris, I graduated from EFREI : Engineering School of Information and Digital Technologies in 2003 with a major in Software Engineering. I started my career as an ASP.Net Developer but quickly switched to IT and focused on Windows Workstation Deployment Methodology.

I joined Microsoft France in 2005, and spent 4 years as an Infrastructure Consultant there. During this period, I have been a speaker at some of the biggest Microsoft French events which is still up to this day my best speaking experiences.

I then joined Nelite France as Service Line Manager and built a team of consultant from the ground up. After only 2 years there, Nelite founders trusted me to open their US Branch in New-York City in 2011 and I’m still proudly working there.

I’m a Microsoft Geek, I don’t hide it, I even bought a Zune and loved Windows Vista and that says something ! But I’m also a huge gaming and E-Sports nerd and cannot spend a day without gaming either on PC/Xbox/Smartphone. Last but not least, I’m a Paris Saint-Germain Ultra and board member of the PSG Club New-York City.

Follow me on twitter : @davidsebban


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