MSN Spaces 10.5

Voila la nouvelle version de MSN Spaces est sortie au menu :
  • Spaces Search. 
  • Mobile Search
  • Your own advertising (US & Canada)
  • Book lists
  • Better blog navigation. 
  • Customized blog entry display. 
  • Integrated Help. 
  • Enhanced Profile
  • Live Contacts Beta! 
  • Spaces now has contact cards like MSN/Windows Live Messenger
  • Better commenting
  • Photos are no longer limited to 30MB;
  • Better URLs!  
  • Xbox Live integration. 
  • New themes 
  • publish from 3 email addresses
  • For those of you with private spaces (you know who you are!) people can now request access to spaces via anonymous email.  I like to think about this as "knocking on the door of someone’s house".
  • Privacy controls
  • We doubled the size limit on the HTML PowerToy

    Vous pourrez lire le détails des mises à jour sur le blog de Mike Torres


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